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Lectures of the 51st meeting:

SIMMOD Status  E. Boyajian

Lectures of the 50th meeting:

SIMMOD Status  E. Boyajian

Lectures of the 49th meeting:

SIMMOD Status  B. Boyajian

Lectures of the 48th meeting:

SIMMOD Status Update E. Boyajian
SIMMOD Q&A and ATAC SIMMOD Workshop E. Boyajian
Wake Vortex – Capacity G. Berra

Lectures of the 47th Meeting:

Capacity Simulations R. Jaksche
ATAC Maintanance E. Boyajian

Lectures of the 46th meeting:

ATAC Backtaxi and U-Turns E. Boyajian
ATAC Maintanance E. Boyajian

Lectures of the 45th meeting:

ATAC Backtaxi and U-Turns E. Boyajian
ATAC Overview E. Boyajian
ATAC Simmod Maintenance E. Boyajian
DLR Displaced Treshold S. Lorenz
Resurfacing FRA S. Wendeberg
FAA Simmod J. Zinna

Lectures of the 44th meeting:

Host presentation Gardermoen B. Aurstad
ATAC SIMMOD Status update T. Swing
Forecasting Capacity and Delay at OSL Airport B. Bubalo
Remote Tower Operations K.-H. Keller
J. Jakobi
Capacity assessment of a complex dual airport and TMA R. Deroo
OSL A-CDM G. Jaere
Capacity enhancing measures S. Kern
Data Collection during Night Operations B. Klinkers
OSL Noise Abatement J. A. Marheim
OSL Winter Operations F. A. Norum
Analysis of the airport system capacity utilisation C. Schinwald

Lectures of the 43rd meeting:

ATAC SIMMOD Status update      E. Boyajian
ATAC DSD Path E. Boyajian
DLR Host presentation K.-H. Keller
DLR Endless Runway S. Lorenz
Univ. Belgrade Resource allocation B. Mirkovic
Quo Vadis ESUG? K.-H. Keller
Ch. Schneider
S. Wendeberg
Munich Aerospace Ch. Schinwald
INNOVIris DMAN in AirTop I. Soares
FAA SIMMOD Enhancements J. Zinna
Forecasting Capacity and Delay at OSL Airport B. Bubalo

Lectures of the 42nd meeting:

Potential for reducing during takeoff and landing Ch. Schinwald
A-CDM and Validation in SESAR A. Marsden
DGAC PreDepSequencing A. Gama
Radar coverage and separation E. Aydogan
Simmod_Maintennance E. Boyajian
FRA wake vortex prevention S. Wendeberg
DLR Total Airport Management K.-H. Keller
Gate Allocation IST O. Guclu
NOISE S. Kellner
Welcome on Board Y. Paker

Lectures of the 41st meeting:

Future Development of Representative Airport Traffic for Capacity Analysis G. Öttl
First Steps with AEDT O. Schneider
Airfield Operations Simulation Study B. Mirkovic
Host Presentation APATC B. Mirkovic
Simmod Maintenence E. Boyajian
Ramp Control Analysis E. Boyajian
Airborne Collision Avoidance System Modelling F. Netjasov
Airport “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade presentation K. Kovacevic
ATM Congestion Pricing R. Jovanovic
PIATA+ – tool and it’s relation to SIMMOD B. Klinkers
ESUG – Update Website and Members K. Keller


Lectures of the 40th meeting:

LAX North Field Supplement- Simulation Assumptions and Results J. Bertino
FCO Masterplan J. Bradley
SIMMOD Maintenance E. Boyajian
Looking back into the future N. Gunn, P. Crick, F. Knabe
Vehicle Simulation Fraport S. Wendeberg

Lectures of the 39th meeting:

NY Metrople – Environmental Results J. Bertino
NY Metrople – Performance Results J. Bertino
AEDT Briefing to ESUG E. Boyajian
SIMMOD Maintenance E. Boyajian
Fuel burn and emissions calculations A. Gama
TITAN Project – Progression and Tool S. Kellner
Similarities in Peak Traffic G. Ötti
Integration of winter weather in SommodPro O. Schneider
Kunovice Airport P. Vesely
Update current procedures FRA and Realtime Simulation S. Wendeberg


Lectures of the 38th meeting:

Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Introduction M. Fritsche
Oslo airport and simulation model B. Aurstad,
S. Bratie,
ATAC Simmod Status Update E. Boyajian
ESUG Questionnaire – results K.H. Keller
Assessment of the environmental impact of DLR’s Electric Taxi R. Wollenheit
Simulation and SIMMOD Validation of Independent Parallel Runway Operations with Regard to Delay -An Example of the new Airport BER B. Bubalo
Preparing generalized simulation scenarios P. Boeck
ATFCM Simulation Tools to evaluate operational impact for the introduction of the 4th runway in Frankfurt Ch. Faber
Denver International Airport Deice Program and Analysis J. Bertino
Manchester Airport Runway 2 case Study N. Gunn


Lectures of the 37th meeting:

RECAT – modelling and results K. Guellati
Recategorisation of aircraft wake turbulence groups S. Hentrich
Final Approach Path Modeling P. Boeck
Simmod Status Update E. Boyajian
The IESTA simulator S. Aubry
FTS use at Belgrade University B. Mirkovich
Neural computing of aircraft noise levels /
Connection to Simmod
F. Mora-Camino
T. Revoredo
Scenario Noise Evaluation O. Schneider
TITAN project S. Kellner
Operational procedures for the new FRA runway S. Wendeberg
Brake-To-Vacate J. Journade
S. Bancroft
Welcome to ENAC B. Lamiscarre

Lectures of the 36th meeting:

Simmod PRO Simulation of current FRA layout S. Lorenz
Best Practice in Fast Time Simulation S. Wendeberg
Simmod Maintenance E. Boyajian
Virtua Air Traffic System Simulation S. Theiss
Generation of an Aiport Schedule S. Beinroth

Lectures of the 35th meeting:

Airport_Flightplans Boeck
SFO_Domestic_Terminal_Simulations E. Boyajian
Simmod Maintenance E. Boyajian
Pre- and Postprocessing Hentrich
Simmod Plus Study of FRA airport_web Hentrich
Total Airport Management K.H. Keller
A generic approach to simulation analysis Scharnweber
Larnaka Simulation Schielmann
SODA S. Wendeberg
DGAC Environmental impact K. Guellati
FAA Simmod Status Update Zinna

Lectures of the 34th meeting:

Reduced Taxi Speed DGAC
Advanced Vehicles Project ATAC
Simmod Maintenance Works E. Boyajian
Simmod Output Files E. Boyajian
GBAS Approaches K.-H. Keller
Simulating Short Take-Off and Landing S. Böck
Comparison between IATA- and Threshold-Punctuality S. Wendeberg
Transferring Simmod Data and Results into Environmental Impact Studies S. Wendeberg

Lectures of the 33rd meeting:

Usind Simmod to model NASA’s advanced technology vehicles E. Boyajian
Simmod Maintenance Works E. Boyajian
Arrival staging and holdcycles E. Boyajian
Towing examples E. Boyajian
Follow the green – HiL experiments K.-H. Keller
Reduced acceleration of taxiing aircraft S. Kellner
Adding value with airport surveillance systems M. MacFarlane
A statistical method for determining capacity K. Tucker
The use of operational data as input to fast time simulations S. Wendeberg
Conducting a simple statistical analysis S. Wendeberg
FAA airport & airspace simulation model enhancements J. Zinna
Dynamic taxiing using taxi checkpoints J. Zinna

Lectures of the 32nd meeting:

Simmod Pro Workshop S. Lorenz
CAST Vehicle A. Figur
Alternative Procedures C. Rapp
ATAC Simmod Status E. Boyajian
Metering and Dynamic Rerouting E. Boyajian
Taxicheckpoints E. Boyajian
Blumenstein vs. Simmod P. Böck
FRA Simulations Airside S. Hilger
Extensible Workflow Management A. Scharnweber
PIATA+ S. Meson-Mancha
Simmod Animations C. Schneider

Lectures of the 31st meeting:

FAA Activities J. Zinna
QSTOL O. Schneider
ARAS M. Gajetti
ATAC Simmod Activities E. Boyajian
SIM M. Mannino
SICTA E. Pesacane
Simulation of Perimeter TWY Part 1 S. D. Satyamurti
Simulation of Perimeter TWY Part 2 S. D. Satyamurti
Implementing A380 at FRA S. Wendeberg
CAST Total Airport Simulation M. Laubrock
Simmod Ground Infrastructure Modelling MUC C. Schneider

Lectures of the 30th meeting:

HIRO and ROT Monitoring and Analysis using surface movement data S. Wendeberg
Traffic Flow Analysis System Aerobahn S. Wendeberg
Statistic for airside simulation S. Wendeberg
ATAC Simmod Activities E. Boyajian
Simmod Validation MUC C. Schneider

Lectures of the 28th/29th meeting:

SIMMOD evolution E. Boyajian
FAA SIMMOD activities J. Zinna
Runway capacity analysis D. Klingebiel
Capacity Study for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games J. M. Ehmanns
PROESTOP Runway Occupancy Time Estimator C. Barbas
Refocussing ESUG K.-H. Keller
LAX taxiway study E. Boyajian
all presentations are included in the minutes (7 MB!)

Lectures of the 27th meeting:

FAA Activities J. Zinna

Lectures of the 26th meeting:

Pre-Departure Sequencing: DMAN N. Hammerich
SIMMOD: Pre-Processor V. Gianazza
Rome Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci Study C. Cafiero
SIMMOD-CAMACA Benchmark M. Mancha
ATAC SIMMOD Activities E. Boyajian
Modelling UK National Air Traffic Demand M. Judd

Lectures of the 25th meeting:

STAC Strategy and Airport Capacity Department L.-M. Sanche
OPAL and SPADE Projects M. van Eenige
FAA SIMMOD Status J. Zinna
FAA SIMMOD Engine Modifications J. Zinna
ATAC SIMMOD Activities E. Boyajian
Manchester Runway 2 Study A N. Gunn
The PITOT System of AENA M. Dorado
OPAS TMA Study M. Rulleau
OPAS ATOS Airport J.-B. Gotteland
RAMS ATC and Landside Model I. Crook
Airport Collaborative Decision Making R. Lane
Airport Capacity D. Stoica
Automation of Ground Movements D. Stoica
SIMMOD Airport Master Planning B. Hargrove

Lectures of the 24th meeting:

ATAC SIMMOD Status E. Boyajian
Master Plan Methodology P. Faretti
Use of SIMMOD in the next five Years ?? Aeroporti di Roma
Nice Airport: Study of the Capacity of the TMA and infrastructure B. Bonnafoux, F. Roullier, P.Vincinguerra
ATC Wake Vortex Simulation A. Benedettini
Dual Treshold Operation (DTOP) at Frankfurt K.-H. Keller
Finding your Way in Munich’s Terminal 2 K.-H. Keller

Lectures of the 23rd meeting:

Future FAA SIMMOD Strategy R. Holladay, J. Zinna
ATAC SIMMOD Status E. Boyajian
ATAC Simmod PRO E. Boyajian
York Aviation N. Gunn
Schedule Building N. Gunn
CAMACA B. Desart
VAC Airport Simulation M. Laubrock

Lectures of the 22nd meeting:

Airport Master Planning Methodology N. Gunn
Schedules, Gate Planning and Passenger Terminal Simulations N. Gunn
Case Study on Master Planning J. Ehmanns
Airport capacities evaluation at the French Airport Authority B. Bonnafoux
Simmod Status Report D. Crisp

Lectures of the 21st meeting:

Use of ARENA to study Gate Capacity Issues N. Guerin
Differences in SIMMOD Output Files P. Schmit
Runway Exit Logic and Runway Occupancy Time P. Schmit
How ADP is preparing for the A380 P. Laborie
SIMMOD Status Report E. Boyajian
Turnaround/Towing with SIMMOD E. Boyajian
SIMMOD Towing – Modeling “Trick” B. Hargrove
Comparison between SIMMOD and Airport Machine K.-H. Keller
Exit Location Optimizer A. Hueckelkempken
Towings in Astralyzer W. Hatzack

List of lectures from 1993 – 2005:

ESUG Presentations and Expert Workshops
1993 – 2005
N. Gunn

Data Input Manual Flat Files Descriptions:

Simmos Input Specifications (PDF)

Expert Workshops:

Runway Crossing Logic 10/29/98



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