Purpose of the Meetings is to exchange ideas and experiences.
Everybody who is dealing with fast-time-simulation in airspace and airport projects is invited to propose topics for the next meeting.
Despite the fact that ESUG is focused on SIMMOD users, we are open to topics related to airport airside and airspace operations in a more general context.
A preliminary Agenda will be issued to ESUG-Members together with the invitation for the next meeting.
Feel free to contact the Chairmen or Secretary for speaking opportunities during one of the upcoming meetings.
Below you will find the link to information about the last meetings:

Organisational issues:

    • ESUG meets twice annually, generally, in spring and fall
    • participation in the meetings is (usually) free of charge and on one’s own expense
    • participation is open to every individual or organisation dealing with above mentioned topics
    • Meetings usually starting first day at noon and ending second day afternoon including an optional technical visit

Meeting location:

    • will rotate through the membership
    • travel time and travel cost are taken into account when agreeing on venue

If you would like to host a meeting – feel free to contact the Secretary!

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