Welcome to the ESUG pages!

The European SIMMOD User Group (ESUG) is a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience between users of fast-time simulation tools in the air transportation domain. Primarily addressing SIMMOD users working on airspace and airport projects. ESUG is open to every person interested. For exchange of ideas and experiences ESUG meets twice annually, generally, in spring and fall. Membership is free of charge and participation to the meetings is on one’s own expense. For more information on ESUG and active participation in the group contact the Secretary or Chairmen. Registered members will grant access to the restricted parts of the website (i.e. minutes of meetings and presentations) through a new username and password issued with the next MoMs. People who would like to have temporary access to the restricted documents should send their request to the Secretary.

The 51st ESUG meeting will be held at the 27th of October, 2017.

The location  of the 51st ESUG meeting will be announced in due time. If you like to volunteer as a host, please feel free to contact the Chairmen or Secretary.

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